Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process of transforming your website to such a shape that search engines can easily browse your website and put it on top of the list of web searches. Once search engines are 'friends' to your website, it will be ranked high in search results and will drive more traffic towards it.

Every website that Web-Bondi develops is fully optimised for search engines.

We believe that SEO is a constant process: if your site gets SEO in days, it may lose its ranking in hours. To make sure that your website is always on the top in Search engine rankings Web-Bondi offers different SEO packages suitable for your site. Contact us to know more about our SEO Packages

How to do SEO

Most of our clients ask how do we do SEO, what is the magic that helps to take their website up on search engine rankings in few months? There is no magic. It is the result of our hard work and constant market research. Some of the steps that we usually take to optimise your website are

  • Market research
  • Contents improvement
  • Semantic XHTML
  • Internal and external links
  • Social Media Optimisation

Market research for SEO

In the first step of SEO we do a market analysis to find the right keywords for your pages. Planning and identification of your keywords is the most important stage of our SEO optimisation plan. Most of the websites fail to result high in search engines because of improper use of keywords. Although there are hundreds of tools available in the market, we strongly recommend Google Keyword Tool

SEO Contents improvment

Once your keywords are identified, we go through contents and improve the website contents giving weight to the relevant keywords. Contents improvement also involves correcting your Meta keywords, Meta description, Meta title, headings, alt tags and many more.

Importance of Semantic HTML for SEO

Once the website contents are improved to a standard, the next step is to make Standard HTML for SEO - also known as Semantic HTML. Search engine like pages that follows standard XHTML. While most of the SEO companies would not care about your web pages code, we make sure that your web pages uses standard XHTML, CSS etc.

Social Media Optimisation

Most of the sites that we developed already have Social Media Optimisation. Social Media Optimisation is the development of such section on your site, in which you can build up your audience or get social with others. For example Blog, Forum and News sections. Web-Bondi CMS comes with built-in support for social media optimisation, but if your website is lacking social media optimisation, we can create and install a Blog, Forum or News Management System on your website. Contact us to know more about how to optimise your website for social media.

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