Website Marketing

Website marketing is promoting your business or products to potential customers online. Sometimes website marketing is also known as eMarketing which is a service of promoting your business or products by using online technologies.

Web-Bondi is a website Marketing business based in Sydney. Our experienced website marketing specialists have worked closely with many companies to make a successful marketing campaign. Our marketing campaign has a simple Motive

Bring Users to the site -> Turn Users into Clients -> Turn Clients into permanent Members

How to promote a website

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Email Marketing campaign
  • Reports Analysis
  • Website Advertising
  • Directory submission
  • Link Building
  • Social Networking
  • Article Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Most of the search engines offer a paid listing program called Pay Per Click. Using PPC we can create ads for you with your keywords and manage your PPC campaign. Web-Bondi uses some of the mostly famous search engine PPC for example Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing.

Pay Per Click is usually required for new businesses. It gives quick response as your ads will appear on search engines right away. But it can be costly: the budget might go up to £5000 a month. That is why we only recommend using PPC when you start a new business or launch a new product.

Email Marketing Campaign

E-broadcast is fast and efficient way of marketing your products and a websites. An email campaign involves three stages:

  • Keywords selection and copywriting
  • E-Shot eye catchy design Creation
  • Upload , Test and Send Email

Web-Bondi provides Email Marketing in Australia using our Special Email Broadcast System. To achieve a successful result from our Email Marketing campaign please contact us using our enquiry form.

Report Analysis

Report Analysis can greatly help you find the keywords that generate best results for your website. You can get benefits of Report Analysis using Google Analytics or Web Trends etc. Using our website marketing services Cramerz has reached number 1 position in google. Please type php constants tutorial to see the results yourself. Notice that Cramerz is right at the top of search results out of 1,070,000 websites world wide.

Website Advertising

Web-Bondi has paired up with some large European advertising companies to provide Website advertising. Using our Website Advertising facility we can create catchy banners and buttons and place them on relative websites when targeting to the right customers. For example, if your website is selling Printers and you provide delivery in Sydney, our Banner advertising program will put your banner on EBay whenever a user from Sydney visits a Printer section.

Directory Submission

Submission of your website to different online directories creates back links to your website. For Directory Submission Web-Bondi creates an XML and HTML site map of your website and then manually submits it to the largest and well known web directories, such as Google Directory and DOMZ.

Beware of those Directory Submission providers who claim to submit your website to 1000 Directories automatically. This automated approach is not welcomed by search engines and does not produce effective results.

Link Building

Link Building is a long but a fruitful process. There are two types of links: inbound and outbound. Web-Bondi SEO team first work on inbound links to make sure that your website navigation system is ready when search engine browses through pages. We work on your outbound links as a following step.

Social Networking

Web-Bondi provides links from mostly used social networking sites to your website. The examples of social networking sites that we work on are Facebook, Digg, MySpace, Reddit and Feedburner.

Article Marketing

By using Article Marketing it is possible submit interesting articles on other blogging websites and link them back to your website. The selection of words here is very important: if a reader enjoys an article about your website or product only then they will visit your webpage.

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